Doji Jurian 
Doji Jurian 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1166 
Titles: Ambassador to Fujita Mura

Doji Jurian was a courtier of the Crane Clan and a member of the 12th century Gozoku conspiracy.

Demeanor Edit

Jurian used to be seen as a conceited, arrogant, and spoiled courtier. [1]

Winter Court Edit

Jurian attended winter court in 1160, and claimed to have beaten Bayushi Paneki at a game of shogi. He was very fond of telling the story that way, but in truth he only almost beaten him. [1]

Gozoku Edit

Jurian had been appointed to Sunda Mizu Mura. There the courtier worked in the best for his Clan, but also to spread the Gozoku network. He arranged for several changes to be made in the local trading policies that should benefit the Gozoku efforts and several agents loyal to his cause had been installed into the local bureaucracy as well. His activities were under the survey of Soshi Natsuo. [2]

Yasuki Namika Edit

Jurian worked over Yasuki Namika, responsible of the Crab economic interests in the area. Through discussions about the Imperial Court and the lack of Emperor's steering, Jurian believed he had fostered seeds of doubt on the Yasuki. In 1166 Namika was killed by Ide Haichang, another Gozoku member, who realized that the Yasuki was working against the Gozoku. Haichang ensured that Namika's replacement would be more receptive to Gozoku's overtures. [2]

Fujita Mura Edit

Doji Jurian was assigned as the Crane ambassador to Fujita Mura by Doji Kurohito himself. When Kurohito had heard of Agasha Oshu's reputation, he sent Jurian to make arrangements for Crane trade agreements with the Village. [1]

Death Edit

In the winter of 1166, when Jurian was visiting the village, when an advance army of Mantis made an attack on the village. Jurian and his yojimbo Kakita Tsuken, as well as Agasha Oshu were caught in an ambush. Oshu was killed, but not before he bought Jurian and Tsuken enough time to escape. Jurian had been mortally wounded in the battle, and was unable to ride far. He made Tsuken promist that he would help defend the village from the Mantis, to honor the sacrifice of Oshu and himself. Thanks to the efforts of Tsuken and Doji Jun'ai the village was successfully defended. [1]

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