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Doji Iwata 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Spouse: Un-named wife 
Titles: Crane Clan Champion

Doji Iwata was the Crane Clan Champion during the reign of Hantei XIII.

Unwilling Betrothal Edit

The monk and Imperial Advisor Gorinno was the religious leader of the movement known as Five Rings, Five Clans. He had proposed years ago that the unbalance in the Empire would end once the Crane and the Scorpion Clan merge in one Great Clan. Since Doji Iwata, was widowed, Gorinno pursued his own agenda forcing his betrothal in 533 with the new Scorpion Clan Champion Bayushi Megumi, whose father had committed seppuku shortly after the Battle of Kenson Gakka. The Emperor Hantei XIII granted Megumi to wait three years before the wedding, the traditional mourning period for one's parent. [1]

The "Hawk Clan" Edit

At the end of Winter Court the Emperor proclaimed the merged Crane/Scorpion “Clan of Air” would be known as the Hawk Clan. Megumi used her clan's resources and allied with the Crane and Phoenix Clans to push back against the Five Rings movement. In the next winter court Scorpion, Phoenix, and Crane courtiers all staged a series of relentless political attacks on Gorinno without success. At the end of winter a wave of kanshi sweeped through the ranks of both clans. [2]

Weakened Clan Edit

The next year the Crab Clan Champion Hida Yamate sent an army into the southern Crane lands, which was only stopped by the sacrifice of Kakita Wayozu, Mistress of the Kakita Artisan Academy, who used her gifts to make all combatatants to disappear. [3]

Broken Betrothal Edit

With only a week left before the fated wedding, a delegation from the Brotherhood of Shinsei named Gorinno's teachings a False Path, the Heresy of the Five Rings. Confronted, the Imperial Advisor lose his on in front of the Imperial Court, ordering his followers to destroy his enemies' temples. The Emperor turned his back and Gorinno was banished. The Order of the Five Rings was sanctioned as heretical and disbanded. [4]

Preceded by:
Crane Clan Champion
(c. 533)
Succeeded by:


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