Doji Innocents were those courtiers who fully embraced the Bushido, rejecting to lie and deceive even in court. [1] They focused on upholding Honesty even in the world of politics, avoiding falsehood at all costs and calling on the strength of their honor to lend their words weight. [2]

History Edit

The Innocents appeared in the early centuries, with little influence. While many among the Crane belived Bushido was a code of nearly impossible standards, others felt the clan's origins in honor and courage could not be compromised with dishonor, even for a greater good. [3]

Dojo Edit

The Gozoku era was a time when the clan's willingness to compromise its principles had pushed it to the very brink of destruction. The Innocents rebuilt the clan's reputation and political power during the reign of Hantei VII and Hantei VIII, and eventually they were finally permitted to establish their own dojo within the Doji Academy at Shizuka Toshi. [4]

Known Technique Edit


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