Doji Iyuko was a samurai-ko of the Crane Clan during the 6th century.

Defying the Emperor Edit

An Imperial Legion was sent by Emperor Hantei XVI to exterminate a Crane fishing village because it had been a few days late with its taxes for the year. The villagers begged for a pardon, but the commander and famed samurai Akodo Ketto refused to budge. Ikuyo dared to challenge him to a duel over the matter. Ketto made his attack before Ikuyo could draw her blade. His hand, however, was empty, and he fell to Ikuyo's blade, with a look of peace illuminating his face. [1]

Aftermath Edit

Before Ikuyo was executed for obstructing the Emperor's justice, the Steel Chrysanthemum was dethroned and killed by his own servants. The new Emperor pardoned her. Akodo Ketto was considered the true winner, and his attack was remembered as "The Perfect Strike". [1]


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