Doji Hotei 
Born: 539 
Died: 582 
Siblings: Doji Kukojin 
Spouse: un-named wife 
Titles: Crane Clan Champion

Doji Hotei was the Crane Clan Champion during the 6th century.

Kenku Training Edit

He was once a student of the kenku Kozue and wielded Naishi until his death. [1]

Companions Edit

It was known one of his companions was named "Sanzo". [2]

Disgrace and Redemption Edit

Hotei was happily married for a number of years, but his wife died before bearing him any children. When she died Hotei abdicated the position to his younger brother Doji Kukojin who was the current Emerald Champion, and in the dark of night Hotei took one horse and his daisho and left his home. With him rode two faithful samurai, Sanzo and Panjuo, who were determined to protect him even from himself. Hotei traveled Rokugan for years in madness, even challenging trees to duels. His past glory became forgotten by everyone over time and his name was riddiculed in court, even by his brother. In 582 the Crane went to war with the Lion Clan, but Akodo Shakato had victory within his grasp. The Crane troops were retreating, leaving a direct route to Kyuden Kakita, when an old samurai and his two elderly retainers charged through the Crane and into the Lion. The Crane rallied and won the day. Hotei died on that battlefield surrounded by his two retainers and the Lion. A shrine to his soul was erected on the Kakita Plains, and Hotei's personal daisho still rests there to this day. [3] However, while mortally wounded and dying, he gave Naishi back to his kenku sensei. [1]

After Death Edit

In 1160 the spirit of Hotei was seen in Toshi Ranbo as one of the souls called forth from Naishi during the cleanse of the cursed sword Chukandomo. [1]


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Preceded by:
Crane Clan Champion
? - ?
Succeeded by:
Doji Kukojin

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