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Doji Hayashi was an Ikebana master and the resident ambassador of the Crane embassy at Otosan Uchi prior to the Scorpion Coup.

Ikebana Master Edit

In the gardens of the embassy Hayashi began to practice his Ikebana abilities in a grotto. Moving carefully plants and statues he obscured the sunlight forming complex patterns. Hayashi noticed something supernatural was moving his hands, and found he was not strong enough to interpret all of the impulses that the grotto demanded of him, and he abandoned his work for a time. [1]

Apprentice Edit

In 1123 Doji Shizue was appointed as his attendant, and Hayashi taught her many matters. She began to display her art in the grotto, and a pattern of Shadow-story began to form. Few saw something deeply wrong with her creations, but Hayashi did not discouraged Shizue. The story developed enough to make out central themes and an antagonist that threatens all of Rokugan. Worse, the images seemed to hint that the story had yet to occur, that the Ikebana impressions of the grotto were somehow prophetic. The force behind was an age-old kami, Keikoku, who had witnessed the creation of the Living Shadow during the creation of the world. Hayashi had found the spirit shortly after his appointment at embassy, and the Crane expected Shizue could complete anything the kami was attempting to show. [1]

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