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Doji Hatsue was a courtier of the Crane Clan who fell in love of Kuni Fujiko, the Crab ambassador in the Imperial Court. [1]

Scorpion Coup Edit

In the fourth day of the Scorpion Coup Fujiko and the rest of Crab hostages in the Imperial Palace were taken in front of a funeral pyre. Bayushi Shoju, self-proclamated Emperor Shoju I, requested obedience or seppuku. Fujiko in defiance leaped to death, and her entourage followed. [2] Hatsue, unaware of the event, had sneaked into the city disguised as a heimin servant. He had hoped to enter the Palace as a messenger bearing a missive from the outer gates, find Fujiko and rescue his beloved using the sewers beneath the Palace as escape route. [1]


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