Doji Hatsuo 
Born: 136 [1] 
Died: 183 [1] 
Titles: Crane Clan Champion,
Emerald Champion

Doji Hatsuo was not only the Crane Clan Champion but friend and military advisor of the Emperor. In the year 150 he became the fifth Emerald Champion. [2] Hatsuo was commanded to develop a consistent system of law enforcement within the Empire, and alongside his principal advisor, judge Soshi Saibankan, developed the framework for the Emerald Magistrates and the Imperial Legions. To this date, there had been no radical change in the system originally laid out by Hatsuo and Saibankan. [3] [4] [5]

Emerald Blade Edit

Hatsuo summoned a contest to bestow his favor to the swordsmith who could supply him with the greatest blade. Three of the Empire's greatest blacksmiths forged and presented each one a sword. The first tested his blade splitting a huge bulder in two. The second sliced a flying petal in two. The last, a cunning young woman named Ashidaka, kicked a cherry tree, and none of the falling leaves fell on the blade. Hatsuo selected the last, because its spirit was so strong, even the leaves knew to avoid the blade. [6]

Imperial Law Edit

In 151 Doji Hatsuo spent a year touring the Empire, studying the conditions in the outlying provinces. He discovered that laws were enforced capriciously. He heared of Soshi Saibankan, a judge who was both honest and dedicated to the law. The next year they were committed to re-organize the Empire's law enforcement. They officially reformed the Imperial Law in the year 163, developed the framework for the Emerald Magistrates and the Imperial Legions, and the system of “judges” was replaced by a network of magistrates. [2]

Preceded by:
Crane Clan Champion
(c. 150) - 183
Succeeded by:
Preceded by:
Akodo Saito
Emerald Champion
150 - 183
Succeeded by:


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The two sources about Hatsuo give him two different names. Third Edition names him Hatsu, but Secrets of the Crane names him Hatsuo. The ruling on his name says that the correct spelling is Hatsuo.

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