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Doji Haruki was a Provincial Daimyo of the Crane Clan.

Thwarted Ambitions Edit

Haruki served as a dutiful and ordinary minor daimyo of a small province in southern Crane lands who had never garnered the attention of his superiors. His career was at a standstill, and Haruki worried that his greater ambitions would never be realized. His personal estate was located in the unremarkable town of Tochigi, near the Crab border. [1]

Cursed Blade Edit

During a Winter court at Kyuden Doji he met Seppun Ayumu, an Imperial daimyo with much greater political ties than his own. Ayumu took a fancy to Haruki and gifted him with Daiori's Daisho, the blades held by the hero Seppun Daiori in the moment of his death, defending the Crane Embassy during the Scorpion Coup. Unbeknownst to Ayumu, Daiori had felt overwhelming anger and horror at the events around him, and the daisho was damned with a powerful curse. It brewed inside the daisho for years, feeding on the frustration of Haruki. [2]

Stolen Edit

Haruki placed the daisho in a place of honor in his audience chamber, pointed out the gift to every visitor that traveled to his lands and boasted of his Imperial. When Ayumu invited him to an important event in the next summer, he considered a chance to increase his standing. Haruki would bring the daisho back to Ayumu and prove to him that he held the gift in high regard. The night before he would leave to Ayumu's estate, the daisho was stolen. Haruki gathered a group of samurai as his only hope to save face. [2]

Investigation Edit

Haruki believed that a neighboring daimyo, Hida Samano, governor of Wachimasu, was behind the theft. Samano's provinces were on the other side of the Crab-Crane border. They constantly had squabbled and complained about everything. [3]


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