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Doji Haranobu 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1st century 
Died after return: 1140 
Titles: Founder of the Empress' Guard

Doji Haranobu was a bushi of the Crane Clan.

Dawn of the Empire Edit

Haranobu was one of Lady Doji's favorite vassals. When the time came for Doji Mioko to marry the Hantei, Haranobu swore that he and his brothers would always protect her. They became the Empress' Guard, an elite force of yojimbo dedicated to the Empress' safety. Haranobu died a hero, protecting the Empress. [1]

Returned Spirit Edit

In 1133 Haranobu returned through Oblivion's Gate to reunite the scattered Empress' Guard. He died once more helping them reestablish their place in the Empire, [1] when leading the Empress' Guard in 1140 foiling a plot by Hantei XVI to murder Toturi Kaede and kidnap Toturi Naseru. [2]


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