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Doji Eloka

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Doji Eloka 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1158

Doji Eloka was a samurai of the Crane Clan.

Death Edit

Seven days before the funeral of Emperor Toturi I, Kakita Marui and Eloka plotted to murder the bastard Kaneka. They met him on the Great Crater Road on his way through Scorpion lands. Their retainer Kyoke offered to shoot Kaneka at a distance, but the two Cranes doubted it would work. Marui and Eloka challenged Kaneka to a duel to the death, killing Kyoke to prevent any eye-witnesses. It was assumed they were killed by Kaneka, as he was able to attend his father's funeral. [1] The assassination order came from Hantei Naseru. [2]


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