Doji Chiisaiko 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Asahina Mataro,
Doji Isoko

Doji Chiisaiko was a shugenja of the Crane Clan

Appearance Edit

Chiisaiko was a beautiful and small Doji maiden with a fiery spirit, who cultivated her typical-Crane image to put others off their guard. [1]

Family Edit

Chiisaiko's mother, Doji Isoko, lived at Otosan Uchi. She had widowed when her husband was killed during the War of Spirits, but Chiisaiko's true father was Asahina Mataro. Isoko was with child after her torrid, but brief, love affair with the Asahina Shugenja. [1]

Training Edit

Chiisako joined the Asahina Battle School and she was raised by its founder, Asahina Mataro, whithout knowing their blood link. Chiisaiko went to live with her mother in the Imperial City after her gempukku. [1]


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