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Doji Bukita

Doji Bukita

Doji Bukita was a bushi and an artisan of the Crane Clan.

Destroyer War Edit

Bukita was a poet in attendance with the Lady Doji's Eyes during the Destroyer War. [1]

Plague Edit

In 1172 the Lady Doji's Eyes and the Ikoma Wardens marched to the Crane-Scorpion border to deal with plague outbreaks. The Dark Wind, a Spider Clan cavalry unit, also appeared, destroying everything in their path rather than risk further spread of the plague. Bukita wrote a poem regarding the incident and specifically the Dark Wind. [1]

Sensei Edit

Doji Bukita 2

Bukita Sensei

Bukita became a sensei, passing his knowledge to the newer generations. [2]

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