Doji Barahime 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Siblings: Un-named sister

Doji Barahime was a literature and art critic in the 10th century. She was trained as a courtier but her sharp tongue didn't allow her to advance in the ranks of the court. She mantained a years long rivalry with playwright Kakita Koshiro over the validity of kabuki as an art form. When her rival died in 956 she retired to a monastery. The majority of her work, that she kept in Pillow Books, was published after her death by her niece, Doji Yuuki. Her life was celebrated on the 28th day of the Boar. [1]

Personal Life Edit

Art Critic Edit

Barahime genuinely loved art, but to inferior art she was merciless regardless of the artist's prestige or influence. Barahime's skills as art critic gained her Lord, who assigned her duties that left her with plenty of time to enjoy, and write about, the Rokugani art world. Her essays and pillow books were read and discussed all over Rokugan, and lords vied with each other to secure her as a guest for their Winter Courts. [2]

Family Edit

Barahime's husband died soon after their marriage, victim of a fugu-fish poisoning. When her sister developed complications while pregnant with her sixth child Barahime was obliged to take in one of the other five children, a girl then named Yoritoko, who grew up under her wing becoming the noted poet Doji Yuuki. [2]

Secret Love Edit

The playwright Kakita Koshiro was her secret love, who she met a few years after her husband's death. He was already married, but the two carried on an affair via correspondence for years. [2]

Views on the Clans Edit

Crab ClanEdit

Barahime said that Crab samurai were different from Ogres in that Crab Clan members ate with chopsticks.

Crane ClanEdit

Barahime said her own clan was the most civilized in Rokugan because Crane samurai told everyone over and over again.

Dragon ClanEdit

Barahime said the Dragon samurai's enightenment was vastly overrated.

Mantis ClanEdit

Barahime stated the Mantis Clan was founded because Hida Osano Wo couldn't keep his hands to himself and his wife Matsu Kyoda lacked propriety.  Barahime was also referring to their son, the clan founder Kaimetsu-Uo.

Lion ClanEdit

Barahime said Lion samurai were hard-working, staid, and honorable, like her pony.

Phoenix ClanEdit

Barahime stated that a Phoenix ambassador wanted peace within the Empire because he couldn't have peace at home, referring to rivalries between the Shiba, Isawa, and Asako families.

Scorpion ClanEdit

Barahime stated that Scorpion samurai wore masks to indicate their lack of honor, yet were offended when their dishonorable nature was brought up.  "Why can't they make up their minds?"

Unicorn ClanEdit

Barahime stated that it was false that Unicorn samurai learned their gaijin habits from their horses, mentioning that horses never shaked human hands.


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