Please note: This article is about the taisa involved in the fights for control of Naishou province. For other uses of the term, please see Ayumi (disambiguation).
Doji Ayumi 
Born: Unknown 
Parents: Un-named Lion mother

Doji Ayumi was a taisa of the Crane Clan.

Station Edit

Ayumi was daughter of a Lion mother who married into the Crane, from whom inherited a passion for war. Her ferocity led Ayumi to the Daidoji Iron Warrior school, becoming a keen student of military strategy. She was a dangerous opponent to her foes, and a popular leader with her troops, raising to the rank of taisa. [1]

Naishou Province Edit

Crane Claim Edit

In 1198 the Phoenix governor of the Naishou province died under mysterious circumstances. [2] Ayumi was chosen to lead the Crane campaign to claim Naishou province, and her forces met the Scorpion, who also claimed the province for their own. Ayumi challenged Bayushi Itaru to a duel to the death to resolve the fate of the province, at the time a Lion force arrived, escorting Miya Ansho as the appointed Imperial governor, which brought an end to the conflict. [3]

Imperial Control Edit

Since then Ayumi waited for a chance to fight again, maintaining her troops on constant alert, ready to fight. During this stalemate Ayumi learned her parents had arranged a marriage for her to a rich Crane courtier. She expected to delay the wedding with a military campaign for the control of the province. [4]

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