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Doji Asami 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1173 
Siblings: Doji Rinji

Doji Asami was an artisan of the Crane Clan. She was born in 1154 as the youngest of four siblings. She attended the Imperial Winter Court in 1171. She died in 1173 during the Destroyer War, at only 19 years of age.


Doji Asami was a bright and cheerful young woman, well-liked by many who knew her. Thanks to her time at the Imperial Winter Court, she was on good terms with many courtiers of high status. She was friends with Doji Nagori and eventually the Crane Champion herself. [1]

However, she suffered from very frail health as a child, and was plagued with fits of frailty and poor health throughout her adult life. Even in the face of this, she found the courage to remain optimistic and cheerful. She was also naive in many ways, and there were many who would take advantage of her good nature. [1]

Siblings Edit

Asami was the younger sister of Doji Rinji. [2]

Winter Court: Kyuden Gotei Edit

Asami was in attendance to the second Winter Court of Empress Iweko I at Kyuden Gotei in 1171. While there she assisted Doji Nagori in presenting the Crane gift at the wedding celebration of Iweko I and Akodo Setai. After Winter Court had convened, she became a loyal vassal to Doji Nagori himself, helping to raise his child.[3]

Loyal to the EndEdit

At some point before the Destroyer War, Doji Asami was assigned to oversee the trade agreements at Mura Sabishii Toshi. She was assigned there by Doji Domotai herself, because the Crane Champion believed that the sea air would help improve her frail health. [1]

While there, she witnessed the corruption perpetuated by the merchants of the village, withholding resources from the defense against the Destroyer War with the intention of increasing their own profits. Asami was powerless to stop them, and they ignored her attempts to sway them from their course. This corruption eventually led to the destruction of the House of False Hope. Shamed by her failure, Asami committed jigai to atone, but not before she wrote a letter to Doji Domotai explaining what had happened. [1]

Enraged by this turn of events, Domotai sent her husband, Doji Kusari, to confront the three merchant lords, who placed them under arrest. The village's trade industry was handed over to Yoritomo Yashinko on behalf of the Imperial Treasurer, and the merchants were placed in the custody of Bayushi Saito. [1]


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