Doji Agatamori was a courtier of the Crane Clan.

Imperial Court Edit

Once in the Imperial Court an Ide Diplomat laughed aloud after Agatamori described the beauty of the small village of Mimura. The Ide 's outburst would surely disgrace him, his career over and his life surely forfeit. Agatamori turned the diplomat's derision into a hearty praise for simple life, and within a matter of moments he spun a fictitious anecdote that freed the Ide from his embarrassment. His suggestion about sending Unicorn patrols to protect the simple life of the village was quickly put into place by the Ide. Since that day a couple Shinjo Magistrates patrolled the village and outlying region. [1]

Mimura Edit

Agatamori retired with his wife to Mimura in 1110, [2] where he was appreciated by the peasantry after the sage courtier funded the construction of the Agatamori Temple [3] in 1121. [2]


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