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Doji's Fan was a military unit of the Crane Clan and was created within a generation of the return of the Unicorn Clan in the ninth century. The Unicorn presented Doji's Fan, a gift that had been given to Lady Shinjo from Lady Doji, to the Crane Clan as proof of who they really were. The Crane vouched for the returned Rokugani, and in return they were gifted with a number of the Unicorn's horses. The Crane took the horses and created the Doji's Fan military unit, naming it in honor of the item that precipitated their creation. [1]

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Doji's Fan was a rapid attack force used for "surgical" attack on the enemy forces. They were not used lightly however, because of their rare and valuable steeds. They were only deployed when the situation had become severely dire, or when an opportunity that could not be passed up presents itself. The skills of the riders prooved the victor more often than not. [1]

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Doji's Fan were primarily made up of Doji and Kakita forces, and concentrated most within the First Crane Clan Army. There were a few within the Daidoji family who showed exceptional skill with horses, and as such there was some units of Doji's Fan present within the Daidoji Army. In both armies they were the Second Legion, but in the case of the Daidoji army there were only enough troops to constitute a company of men. [1]

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