Moto War Dogs

Dogs, some known as Inu, were found in two varieties in Rokugan. The feral ones were rare, and much more aggressive than the domestic ones. While easily domesticated at youth, the feral dogs were nearly impossible to train when elder, and were usually killed instead. Once trained however, the dogs would remain fiercely loyal to their masters. Trained dogs were used for hunting and of course for guarding various properties. War dogs were commonly trained by the Moto family. [1]

Habitat Edit

Dogs were commonly found in villages and small cities as pets, guardians or strays. [2] In the wilderness they made dangerous packs of wild dogs. [3]

Calendar Edit

There was a month of the Dog, in the Rokugani popular calendar. [citation needed]

Proverbs Edit

Scorpion proverb: "The wise dog sets the wolves against one another, and walks away with the prize unnoticed". [4]

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