The Divine Wave was a yobanjin tribe who ruled over Bo Cheng, a port in the northern yobanjin coast. [1]

Founding Edit

When the tribe moved to the coast the found another different tribe already there, and refused to share the lands. A day later, a tsunami ravaged the coast and leveled the settlement, where they founded Bo Cheng. Since then, the tribe had revered the spirits of the waves, who brought them the bounty of the sea and crushed their enemies. The Divine Tribe founded several smaller villages, taking other tribes under its wing. [2]

War of Dark Fire Edit

The Tribe was considered wealthy due to sea trade, but some Yobanjin accused them of racketeering or piracy. The Divine Wave tribe's economy suffered during the War of Dark Fire, as trade was cut off. Towns and villages remained mostly unharmed, and after the war they expanded their piracy in order to recoup their losses from the war. [2]


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