Distant Turtle City

Distant Turtle City

Distant Turtle City was a Tortoise city with a port just outside Toshi no Inazuma on the Mantis Islands. The settlement was founded in the 12th century after the Mantis attained Great Clan status. [1] The Mantis agreed that the Tortoise would found the city demonstrating brotherhood with the new Great Clan even if the Kasuga family refused to join its ranks. The Tortoise gained a foothold of influence, and the Mantis gained another city to house their growing population. The Tortoise used the place to watch the Mantis for signs of corruption, wishing to protect the Mantis from such a fate. [2] It was occupied by a dozen Kasuga and hundreds upon hundreds of Mantis. [3]

Rise of Jigoku Edit

In 1200 a colonial ship destined for Koutetsukan vanished after docking in the city. This was part of the events that predated the destruction of the Mantis Clan by the rebellious Spider Clan and their Shadowlands allies. [4]

Known Governors Edit


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