Discipline of Summoning was one of the Five Disciplines related to the Air element. [1]

  • Jinn: these spells permitted a sahir to summon and bind a jinn to his will.
  • The Primal Elements: the spells of this type allowed the sahir to affect the four most basic elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. The elements moved at the sahir's command, might summon or destroy one of the elements in his vicinity, and rendered a sahir or a touched target immune to an element.
  • Implements: the sahir's possessions fell under the Implements purview, ensuring that a sahir was never unarmed, and that his foes sometimes were. He might temporarily bend and warp objects, call or send objects, and move them with his will.


  1. Legend of the Burning Sands Roleplaying Game, pp. 118-120

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