Discipline of Control was one of the Five Disciplines related to the Water element. [1]

  • Influence: these spells allowed a sahir to alter the mind of any person or creature with whom they could communicate. The sahir might change facts and perceptions in another's mind, plan or delete thoughts in the minds of those with whom he could make eye contact, and control the will of others.
  • Illusions: the sahir might alter a single detail of a scene laid out before himself, banish all illusions, and also cast the spell Dream Magic. The target's flesh was rent, inflict a disease, even to multiple targets at a time.
  • Transformation: the sahir might exchange one of his body parts for that of a beast, become an animal while retaining his human intellect, and even turn himself into any creature he could imagine.


  1. Legend of the Burning Sands Roleplaying Game, pp. 121-123

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