Disciples of Sun Tao were a ronin group that had taken the teachings of the legendary ronin tactician Sun Tao, and applied his wisdom to the art of the duel. [1]

Founding Edit

During his wanderings, Sun Tao amassed a considerable number of ronin followers. Terumuto, Sun Tao's second in command, and his fellow ronin came to call themselves the Disciples of Sun Tao. [2]

Legacy Edit

The Disciples privately claimed to have the only complete copy of the Book of Sun Tao, passed down from Terumoto to his own disciple, Aikumo, and thence through the centuries from one generation to another. Only a select few within the ronin band knew of the journal's existence, and only the leader of the Disciples was allowed to read it. [3]

Ronin Philosophy Edit

The ronin who studied the Gaze of Sun Tao technique shared a philosophy, seeking only the perfection of their art. The one goal that unified and drove the group was to see one of their own take the position or Emerald Champion. [4]

Known Technique Edit

Known Leaders Edit

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