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The Diamond Sutra was the text which was the basis of the Shingon sect of Shinseism.

10th Great Convocation Edit

The sect came into being at the 10th Great Convocation, when a monk named Basso came forward with what he called the "Diamond Sutra". Basso claimed the Diamond Sutra was a "lost" teaching of Shinsei, written immediately before the first Day of Thunder, [1] though some believed Basso wrote it himself. The text appeared to be mainly a reinterpretation of the Lotus Sutra. [2] Basso believed and taught the the Shinsei Sutra and the Tao of Shinsei were "elementary" teachings of Shinsei's, and placed all emphasis instead on the Diamond Sutra. [3]

The leadership of the Brotherhood of Shinsei accepted Basso's followers as the Shingon sect, the first sect to be given official recognition and acceptance. [3] The Diamond Sutra was accepted as one of the five Shinsei Sutra. [4]

Known Teachings Edit

The Diamond Sutra claimed Shinsei and the Seven Thunders were one and the same, avatars of the Little Teacher. [5]


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