Death of Kyuden Tonbo
Kyuden Tonbo
1158, Month of the Rat [1]
Major Forces:
Lion Clan,
Dragonfly Clan
Akodo Ijiasu
Battles of Rokugan

The Death of Kyuden Tonbo was the assault upon and near total destruction of Kyuden Tonbo in 1158 at the hands of Akodo Ijiasu.

Any Excuse Edit

The Lion, who were allied with the Phoenix Clan against the Dragon Clan in the Dragon-Phoenix War used this as an excuse to attack the Dragonfly. The attack would most certainly have been the end of the clan itself if it had not been for the actions of Tonbo Euiko, who had seen a vision of the impending attack. Euiko warned the Dragonfly Clan Champion Tonbo Manaka who evacuated half the clan by the time the attack came. [2]

""The attack was overwhelming. Kyuden Tonbo lay exposed, its allies embroiled in their own conflicts and its magical defenses betrayed. No one within escaped."
-The Ikoma Histories


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