Dim Mak

Death Touch

Death Touch, or Dim Mak, was a Mastery 7 mystical void kiho [1] which was the most feared of all the atemi strikes. [2]

Kiho Edit

The kiho was considered a myth by most people and only a handful of people knew its secrets. The attack was delivered with a gentle fingertip strike, which needed to be incredibly precise. The strike might not be performed with other kiho active. If successful, the targets healing slowed, and healing spells targeted against him would be more difficult. The victim began suffering wounds at both sunrise and sunset, and they could not be healed by any means until the Death Touch had been removed. There were two ways of removing the touch. The first was to be hit with the Death Touch a second time, and the second was the use of the Chi Protection kiho. [3]

Maho Edit

The Bloodspeakers enhanced the technique and transformed it in a maho spell, known as Dim Mak. [4]

External Links Edit

  • Dim Mak (Thousand Years of Darkness)


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