Deafening War Drums of Fu Leng 
Deafening War Drums of Fu Leng
Created by: Yogo Junzo
First used by: Yogo Junzo's Army
Currently in the possession of: Unknwon

The Deafening War Drums of Fu Leng were crafted by Yogo Junzo, and used by the armies of the Shadowlands that ravaged the Empire during the Clan War. [1]

Appearance and Abilities Edit

They were enormous taiko drums, crafted of dark wood harvested in the shadowlands. The drum heads were made of dark leather, hides of ogres stretched and tanned. The drums were beaten with great shafts of corrupted jade. After the drums had been played for ten minutes, their magic began to take effect, animating all corpses within range as zombies. The raiswed undead would collapse ten minutes after the drums stopped to be played. [1]

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