De Bellis Yoditorum

De Bellis Yoditorum

De Bellis Yoditorum, also known as La Bellis Yoditarum, [1] was a gaijin Yodotai book on tactics in the possession of the Lion Clan, written in Senpet language. [2]

Discovered Edit

In 1170 it was found within the Unicorn loot the Lion took when they were returning victorious from the Fall of Shiro Moto. Matsu Watako showed it to Matsu Takenao who tasked Akodo Itoku to pass the book to the Lion Clan Champion Akodo Shigetoshi. From the beginning it looked like an important manual, despite the fact that the language was not understood at that time. [3]

Deciphered Edit

After some deliberation it was determined it was a book of Yodotai strategy in Senpet language. After two months Ikoma Akiyama, the Imperial Librarian, found a book written in Senpet by the General Abresax after his defection to the Scorpion Clan. This gave them a key to translate it to the Rokugani language. [2] [4]

Research Edit

The Lion Clan Army began to adopt several of the tactics explained in the book, such as the shieldmen, [5] and used its vast description of tactics to find the patterns in the enemy's movements, which proved to be an advantage in the field. [6] It became a part of the Lion’s way of war. [7] It was instrumental to uncover the Yodotai as the unknown assailants to the caravans that journeyed the Ki-Rin's Path. [8]

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