The Days of Generosity was a festival celebrated at Ryoko Owari Toshi after the Tax Collection in the Month of the Monkey. The local nobles were cheerful for the tax earnings and spent part of it on gifts for their fellow nobles. [1]

Election Edit

In the first Day the head priest of the Temple of Daikoku oversaw the selection of the 'King of Generosity'. The priest collected slips of paper with a name wrote on it, and he randomly chose one, who became the Ruler of Generosity for the next day. He was sat upon a throne in the Scorpion Garden. [2]

Gift Giving Edit

The next day the nobles past the age of gempukku gave gifts to one or more fellow nobles, and a secondary gift to the Ruler of Generosity. The Ruler judged the best giver for the noble who gave the most gifts to individuals who only got one gift. The best giver could retrieve one of the secondaty gifts of the Ruler, and the rest of gifts were disposed as the ruler saw fit. [2]

Drawbacks Edit

These days many people was drunk, thefts happened, and opportunities to feel insulted, with the ensuing challenges were usual. [3]

Known Kings or Queens of Generosity Edit


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