Dawn of the Empire

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Title Flavor Text
One Thousand Years of Peace "The crow returned from the Shadowlands, feathers black as pitch, but eyes clear with the wisdom it had gained. So began One Thousand Years of Peace." -Hantei Genji
Call of Thunder "Fu Leng wield the powers of both heaven and hell. Only those who have also mastered both purity and corruption can defeat him. Only mortals." -Shinsei
The Death of Ryoshun "Ten Kami fell from the sky. One fell to Jigoku, but only eight now walk the mortal realm. Let not the mortals sully Ryoshun's memory by speaking his name. Let his grave be a place where only gods may enter." -Hantei the First
Fall From the Heavens "The mortal realm is a jealous realm, and Onnotangu knew his children would never return. That would be punishment enough for their treachery."
Test of the Kami When the last Akodo falls, so falls the last Hantei.
The First Wedding Hantei searched all of Rokugan for his bride. In all the Empire, only one woman stirred the First Emperor's heart -Mioko, the simple daughter of a Crane fisherman.
Ki-Rin's Exodus "Fu Leng has been defeated, but I tak no joy in our victory. Perhaps there is a land where the Ki-Rin might find peace." -Shinjo
Rebirth of the Dark Kami Jigoku enslaved Fu Leng, but he had mastered its power as well.
Chamber of the Damned ---
Shrine of Discussion "The Fortunes are divine, and the Tao worldly. Together, the two speak perfectly to every soul." -Hantei Genji
The First Dojo The Kami were born with many gifts. We must master ours.
Family Library "Remember everything. I shall require it upon my return." -Isawa
Isawa Ariminhime "Isawa's sister now eternally guards the City of Sacrifice."
Seppun Hill The Kami first appearred here, and it shall ever be holy.
Standing Stones "We were not the first to come here." -Hantei the First
The Tao "Bring me pen and paper," Shiba commanded, eyes wide with wonder.
Temples of Gisei Toshi "Only the Children of the Earth are welcome here." -Isawa
Yobanjin Fortress "Some who refused our rule forged petty kingdoms in the north." -Shinjo
Shinsei ---
Hida "I did not choose this world, but I will protect it."
Hida Atarasi ---
Hiruma ---
Kaiu Norio Of all the weapons Kaiu has crafted, be most wary of his sons.
Doji Hayaku ---
Doji ---
Doji Konishiko ---
Kakita ---
Mirumoto ---
Mirumoto Hojatsu ---
Togashi ---
Togashi Kaiteru "The final lesson reveals that all lessons are meaningless."
Akodo ---
Akodo Mirotai "The Emperor commanded that all unalinged tribes be driven from his Empire. The Lion were eager to oblige."
Ikoma "There always comes a time to put honor aside"
Matsu "She loves Akodo dearly, but she will be no man's bride."
Kaimetsu-Uo "I will carve my future from the heart of destiny. We are the Mantis Clan, now and forever."
Kindari "The courge of a Lion and the strength of a Crab? Perhaps the brashness of a Lion and the stubbornnes of a Crab. Either way, we are not enemies to make."
Unmei ---
Tashrak "An ancient people turn in their sleep. Something has awakened in the forest, and it feeds on Fu Leng's army." -Togashi
Asako Moharu The deaths of Shiba and Isawa drove a rift that would not heal between the Asako and the Isawa.
Isawa ---
Asako Yogo ---
Shiba ---
Kan'chek "Run to the Shadows. Run into Dream."
A'tck "The Dark Kami destroy our world... Pups afraid of Tomorrow hound Nezumi forever. Nothing I say chase fear away."
D'nir'ch "Heaven fall, destroy everything. Others run, but this our land until Tomorrow take it."
Bayushi ---
Bayushi Nissho "Bayushi knew his clan's purpose before the Emperor's throne was warm. He sought his followers in the shadows."
Shosuro ---
Yogo ---
The First Oni ---
Fu Leng ---
Mutsuhito "If I must bow to a Kami, let it be the strongest."
Oni no Hatsu Suru ---
Muhomono ---
Hantei ---
Hantei Genji ---
P'an Ku ---
Tora "Only fools resist the Kami openly. We must bide our time..."
Ide ---
Otaku ---
Shinjo ---
Shinjo Bairezu "Always seek the next horizon" - Shinjo
Sacred Arena "The blood of gods has fallen here. It is no place for mortals to linger." -Doji
Hole in the Sky "From here, the Kami fell. From here, dragons watch the earth."
Kaiu Fortress "Trust in stone, my bushi. Stone does not betray." -Hida
Kanashimi Toshi I do not know what the Nezumi once called this place. Now they only call it Heaven's Grave. It is a city of sorrow, a place where the living dread to go.
Mountains of Exile "Those who will not obey will leave or be destroyed." -Hantei the First
Blood Calls to Blood "A Kami on his knees, an eternal promise."
Deeds of My Ancestors ---
The Emperor's Blessing ---
Enmity "Let there be enmity between us, little man." -Matsu
Extermination ---
Fallen Thunder "We shall see what you can do with only six of your Thunders!"
Ancient Battlefield ---
I Can Swim "Pain is the liar's only reward, Bayushi," Shinsei said. And Bayushi understood.
Into the Darkness "My brother saved Shosuro when my pride forbade me to aid her," Bayushi said in a choked voice, "even at the cost of his own life."
Men of Cunning "I am not looking for men of honor, little one."
Shinjo's Courage ---
Where the Gods Have Fallen ---
Until I Understand "Neither will I." -Shinsei
Way of the Horse and Bow ---
Legion of the Kami "We will show you a new way," Hantei said. "If you offer us your loyalty, we will build a better world together."
Battul "Only a Weak man leans on a god."
Shinsei's Legion "Shinsei met Akodo's challenge to Hantei's great amusement" -Shiba
The Lying Darkness Seven Thunders entered the Shadowlands. One returned.
Student of the Tao Shinsei was a simple man. Those who followed him were not.
Souls of the Fallen Shiba gasped when he saw the tormented souls that protected Gisei Toshi. "Our dead also know the meaning of duty," Isawa said.
Troll War Band ---
Wako ---
Ancient Armor "A samurai is protected by steel and conviction." -Kaiu
Ancient Sword "A good start." -Kaiu
Bayushi's Mask "You cannot trust me."
Broken Sword of the Lion ---
Eye of the Emperor "Let each lord have agents to enforce his laws. Let them carry his seal as a badge of office." -Doji
Fu Leng's Sword "The Dark God's sword sings with the murder of ten thousand samurai." -Ikoma
Golden Mirror "Perhaps these mortals are not without merit." -Doji
Isawa's Last Wish ---
Onnotangu's Hand "The right to guard the scrolls is mine," Bayushi swore. "Who among you would deny me?"
War Chariot "Such devices are clumsy, unseemly for a samurai to use. I will not have them among my armies." -Akodo
Amaterasu's Blessing "The sun never shone brighter than on the day of Hantei's coronation." -Akodo
Depths of Jigoku ---
Lesson of Thunder "Even gods must bow to destiny." -Shinsei
Eclipse "From such wonders are gods born." -Kakita
Isawa's Scrolls "Can even Isawa defeat my fallen brother?" -Shiba
Scribing the Tao "So much weight placed on the babbling of a simple old man." -Shinsei
Sculpting Flesh "Serve me!"
Spirit Made Flesh The kitsu died, but the Kitsu live.

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