Yobanjin Sorcerer

Daughter of the Flame

Daughters of the Flame was a matriarchal Yobanjin tribe in the southern mountains, famous for the number and power of their shamans. The tribe made its home near an active volcano, which was an essential part of their theological beliefs. Their most sacred God was Mother Fire, the spirit of their sacred volcano, source of warmth but also of death. They were a peaceful tribe who sought to nurture their members, but they were not afraid of death and fought fiercely against their enemies. The Daughters traded crops and jewelry with other Yobanjin tribes, taking in exchange herd animals or exotic components for their magical rituals. [1]

Dark Oracle of Fire Edit

Chosai, the Dark Oracle of Fire, made his home in the volcano when he was banished from rokugan. The tribe refused to become his minions, and Chosai slaughtered the yobanjin. The eldest daughter of the chieftess survived and traveled with the few survivors to the lands of their allies, the Mountain Wind Tribe. Both tribes were betrayed by the ruthless and ambitious Sons of the Mountain, and the Daughters of the Flame tribe was nearly extinct. The Daughters sought vengeance and sided with the Rokugani, sworn enemies of Chosai. [2]

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