The Dark Well, the Well of Souls, was a place where darkness of Jigoku could encompass its light and made the world a place of night. [1]

Shilah imprisoned Edit

The Well was the prison the Lying Darkness built to drag the Sun trying to forever banish her light and bring darkness to the world. [2] After the Night of the Burning Sky, when the Jinn Lord Kaleel invaded the night sky, dousing thousands of stars, [3] at dawn he trapped Shilah and imprisoned her there. [4]

Day of Wrath Edit

The humanity and other cretures fought against the Darkness. Eventually, through a mystical seal they reached Shilah. [4] In one climactic moment, the world dissolved around the Jinn, Ashalan, and humans. Those who thrived from magic and lived were forced out of Shilah's sight: the Ashalan fled into the earth, and the last thousand Jinn bound themselves into service with the humans or fled beyond the boundaries of the world. This event was known as the Day of Wrath. [3]

Alternate Naga Tale Edit

The Naga legends told the Bright Eye had been imprisoned there, and the Ashgara, daughter of the Qatol, had freed the Bright Eye. After this point the two legens told the same, a great destruction had been caused by the Sun. [5]


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