Dark Tidings was one of the compiled works of Doji Shizue. It told the story of the Clan War in possibly the most objective history to come from that era. The book was a compilation of short pieces, each presenting a scene from Shizue's own point of view.[citation needed]

Three Days Edit

The piece entitled "Three Days" presented the beginning of the Clan War – the moment when an unnamed Seppun told Emperor Hantei XXXIX and his court that the armies of the Crab Clan were marching to Beiden Pass with forces of oni and maho-tsukai. The man had been Tainted from his proximity to the Crab, and died in the Imperial throne room shortly after delivering his message, without even the chance to commit seppuku. Leaders of the other Great Clans were assembled to hear the man's words, and realized immediately that war was upon them. [1]


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