Dark Mantle of Fire
Created by: Tamori
First used by: Tamori
Currently in the possession of: Tamori Tunnels

The Dark Mantle of Fire was a nemuranai created by the Dark Oracle of Fire Tamori. [1]

Appearance and Abilities Edit

The mantle looked like a rigid yellow haori, decorated with swirling patterns of black fire, with a nimbus of sickly green flame that surrounded it. This item infused the wearer with the fire of the Dark Oracle, increasing the strength of his own inner fire, but at a terrible price, the stain of the taint. Whenever the garment was worn, the green fire immediately disappeared, making the wearer immune to all fire damage, and reappeared if it was removed. [1]

Location Edit

The Mantle was hanging suspended in mid-air above the pool of lava in one of the caves of the Tamori Tunnels. [2]


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