Dark Katana of Fire
Created by: Tamori
First used by: Tamori
Currently in the possession of: Tamori Tunnels

The Dark Katana of Fire was a nemuranai created by the Dark Oracle of Fire Tamori. [1]

Appearance and Abilities Edit

The katana was one of the most dangerous weapons ever created. It was deadly in combat, infused with Tainted fire. The tsuba was shaped like swirling flames that appeared to move unless viewed directly. The hilt was wrapped in shimmering orange-yellow silk cords. The blade was polished to a mirror like sheen that seemed to glint with a hint of green fire. When the sword was drawn the blade bursted into green flame. Any who wielded the katana became immune to fire damage but he was stained by the Shadowlands Taint. [1]

Location Edit

The katana was buried under several tons of rubble in one of the caves of the Tamori Tunnels. [1]


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