Dark Covenant of Water
Created by: Unknown
First used by: Unknown
Currently in the possession of: Unknown

The Dark Covenant of Water could be used to command the Dark Oracle of Water, but each individual only gained one such command. While in possession of the Covenant the bearer could not be harmed by the Dark Oracle, until they said their command of course. The Covenant took the shape of a rusted metal jug. All fluid placed within it became foul-smelling and polluted with excrement. If no fluid was placed within, the Covenant had no power. It radiated the Shadowlands Taint, and slowly corrupted the area in their immediate vicinity while left immobile. [1]

Lost at Sea Edit

During the Clan Wars the Phoenix sent the Covenant to the Crab as cargo of the Inferno. The ship accidentally navigated in the Sea of Shadows and was lost. [2]

Seeking the Covenant Edit

In 1170 the Phoenix found the wreckage of the Inferno, but the Dark Covenant was not there. [2]

Seized by the Dark Oracle of Water Edit

Matsu Turi had seized the Covenant and in 1171 he showed it to Yoritomo Sasake. It took the appearance of a a lion-shaped miniature. Turi proposed to give it in exchange for a bargain. Sasake refused, because it implied the damnation of his family and home village. [3] Its whereabouts after the death of Tsuri in 1176 [4] were unknown.


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