Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Spouse: Shizume 
Children: Two un-named daughters

Danyu was headman of Seitou Tason, a remote Rokugani village. He was a lean, withered man, with sunken cheeks and thinning hair. Danyu married to Shizume, and they had had two daughter, who married into other households in the village. [1]

Headman Edit

The previous headman left vacant the position when he was killed by a stampede of oxen, and his succesor would be the last who stands in a brawl among all the candidates. Danyu refused to fight, remaining standing after all the blows directed at him. When only Danyu and another villager left standing, his opponent realized that a physically strong leader was not nearly as important as a morally strong leader. He bowed to Danyu who had been the headman ever since. [1]

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