Dan Dineen is the Events Manager, who handled the interaction between players and AEG's games.

About Dan Dineen Edit

  • Name: Dan Dineen
  • Born: 10/30/79
  • Position: Events Manager at Alderac Entertainment Group

Dan Dineen started playing L5R in 1996 after picking up a Unicorn starter at his local game store, in the Clan War era. He was being included in the founding of the The Dynasty L5R team in 2001. [1] His primary faction has always been the Mantis Clan and he is deeply interested in the Kolat. Dan Dineen succeeded Daniel Briscoe representing AEG on the official forums and within the L5R Community. [2]

Preceded by:
Daniel Briscoe
L5R Events Manager
2013 - Present
Succeeded by:

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