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A Damned Berserker

The Damned Berserker was the school of the fighting force known as the Damned. They were afflicted by the taint, but their will had not been corrupted away from service to the Crab Clan. [1]

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These doomed souls who had been infected by the Shadowlands Taint represented a blatant affront to Fu Leng. They embraced the Taint as a weapon against everything that was tainted and since they had nothing left to lose, they were among the fiercest Warriors in the empire. Since their techniques were based upon accumulating Taint, these Warriors would live a short, brutal, and extremely effective life against their Tormentor: The Shadowlands. [citation needed] Candidates for the Damned were sent to the Kuni Laboratories at Shiro Kuni, to determine that a candidate had enough time left before madness consumed him. Those that fit joined the Second Legion of the First Army, the designated home of the Damned. [2] Units of the Damned were sent to one of a small number of barracks maintained specifically for them along the Great Wall, the Barracks of the Damned, avoiding to mix them with non-Tainted troops. [3]

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While not all Damned were bushi, the Damned Berserker school was a bushi school, so only bushi might learn these techniques. [1]

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