Dajan's Kolat were a splinter sect of the true Kolat that were formed in 1107 by Daidoji Dajan and Asako Nakiro after Dajan was refused a position as one of the ten masters. They had similar designs on overthrowing the descendents of the kami and ruling Rokugan. [1]

Spin-Off Edit

In 1103 Nakiro and Dajan had found how to circunvent the scry of the Oni's Eye. Dajan broke away from the kolat and they vanished. [2]

Members of Dajan's Kolat were almost all recruited from outside the true Kolat and were all trained by Dajan himself. Dajan's Kolat, lacking the resources available to the true Kolat and not having access to the Oni's Eye, rely on Maho and the power of the Shimushigaki instead. Dajan drew upon the Shimushigaki's link to Jigoku to take the name of his lieutenants and bind them to onis. [3]

Binding an Oni Edit

In 1120 Soshi Seiryoku was kidnapped en route to Ryoko Owari Toshi. Her soul was bound to an oni, [2] Seiryoku no Oni, through manipulation and deception. Seiryoku, the leader of the opium Soshi cartel, was blackmailed and became a tool of the sect. [4]

Opium War Edit

In summer of 1122 chaos erupted in Ryoko Owari when three opium cartels battled another after antagonism flared between the Scorpion families, as part as a plan devised by the Dajan's Kolat. [3]

Disbanding of the Hare Edit

In 1123 the Dajan's Kolat bargained an agreement with the Scorpion general Bayushi Tomaru. He marshalled his army and moved to the Hare lands, destroying them in the Siege of Shiro Usagi. Tomaru later violated their mutual agreement. The Hare were disbanded by the Emperor upon accusations of Maho supported by Daidoji Unoko, Toritaka Bonugi, and Kitsune Hamato, all members of the group. [3] The true Kolat Yasuki Taka had appeared one week later and also confirmed it with his own testimony. [5]

Attacked by the True Kolat Edit

It was evident that the murder of Bonugi in 1125 was the retaliation of the true Kolat against the Dajan's Kolat. Unoko retreated within herself feigning insanity for her own protection. [6]

Destruction Edit

The group was believed to have dissapeared with Dajan's apparent death in 1125. [citation needed]


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