Daisho of Water 
Daisho of Water
Created by: Isawa Mitako
First used by: Horiuchi Nobane
Currently in the possession of: Matsu Hachiro

When the Oracles of Light got together to create the Elemental Nemuranai, the Oracle of Water crafted the Daisho of Water, which had the power of the Dragon of Water.

Appearance Edit

The two blades were perfect in every possible way, twins in all save size. One was a katana and one was a wakizashi, and many believed that the Oracle intended them to represent the eternal bond between herself and her still-living identical twin Isawa Sayuri. Some speculated that the Oracle had intended to leave the daisho with her sister, but divine restrictions forced the blades to be set free for mortals to find. [1]

Hisotry Edit

Crafted Edit

In 1160 the Oracles of Light decided to retreat from the Mortal Realm for a time, to watch the people of Rokugan from the Celestial Heavens. Before they left each Oracle gifted an enchanted item that contained the power of an Elemental Dragon. [2]

Horiuchi Nobane Edit

Having been created with the mysterious energies of water, the swords seemed like they were discovered before they had even been crafted. It was the commmander of the Eighth Imperial Legion, Horiuchi Nobane who was said to have found the daisho and carried them with him as trophies, not realising what they were. It was not until he had risen through the ranks and proved himself worthy, that the daisho revealed their power to him. Nobane offered the blades to his superior officers and the Khan himself, but no one would take them. Moto Chagatai claimed the blades were clearly meant for Nobane and so long as he bore them he would continue bringing honor and glory to the Unicorn Clan. [1]

Matsu Hachiro Edit

Hachiro discovers the Daisho of Water

Matsu Hachiro discovers the Daisho of Water

Eventually Matsu Hachiro discovered the Daisho of Water. [3]

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