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The daisho, composed by the katana and wakizashi were symbols of a noble of the samurai caste. Each blade remained priceless for what it represented, more than for their value in war. [1]

Etymology Edit

Daisho, meant literally "big and small". The etymology of this word became apparent when the terms dai-to (meaning big sword) and sho-to (meaning small sword) were used: daito + shoto = daisho. The katana, the longer sword, was used on the battlefield and for most combats, while the shorter wakizashi was more of a sidearm. The wakizashi was also used to commit seppuku. It was treasonous and blasphemous for any non-samurai to wear a daisho, as the wearing of one was a mark of status. [2]

This said, shugenja, who were also considered belonging to the samurai cast, often only wore the wakizashi instead of the full daisho. This made the wearing of daisho more the hallmark of bushi samurai.

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