The Daishiki's Anvil Dojo was founded in the 9th century by the wealthy Kaiu Daimyo, Kaiu Daishiki, who felt the warriors of the Crab Clan could benefit from experience on the Kaiu Kabe before their gempukku. Gaining permission from the Crab Clan Champion he built the dojo and invited masters from every Crab school to train their student here. The only ones not allowed were the Berserkers, who were deemed too unstable to roam free in Kaiu Shiro. Being located in Kaiu Shiro meant it would be close to the Wall and the Shadowlands. [1]

Traditions Edit

Although the dojo was not as old or respected as the Sunda Mizu Dojo it was never the less well established. Training there was extremely flexible, as it contained many styles due to the many schools. The students were encouraged to interact with students from other schools, and to train and share thoughts on how to better fulfill their roles as bushi. A friendly rivalry existed between the schools that trained here, and the competition between the students was encouraged. [2]

Training Edit

Since Kaiu Shiro was an active fortress some pains must be taken to prevent the students who had not reached their gempukku of getting in the way of the samurai stationed here. The student were made to wear armbands so they could be recognized and not be given commands by other samurai. These bands were also color coded to tell the difference between the schools. If the castle was attacked the students must aid in its defense, mostly acting in the capacity of messengers, putting out fires and loading ammunition into siege engines. As a result most students had some battle experience against the shadowlands before their gempukku. [2]

Color Coding Edit

Dojo Benefits Edit

The students of the dojo were a versatile lot, well versed in a variety of fighting techniques. Those who attended this dojo often retain their armbands they wore as students, and attached them to the hilt of their tetsubo or other weapons as decorative tassels. [2]

Sensei Edit

The school had a staff of four sensei at any time, one for each school. They were considered of equal station for most situations, but the senior sensei made all the important decisions. [2]

Notable Sensei Edit

Kaiu Engineer Sensei Edit

Hida Bushi Sensei Edit

Hiruma Scout Sensei Edit

Yasuki Taskmaster Sensei Edit

Notable Students Edit


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