The Dai-kyu was the largest bow commonly used by one person in Rokugan. It was made by laminating wood, horn and sinew together. [1] They were the most powerful of the standard bows used by armed forces in Rokugan. [2]

Accuracy Edit

The dai-kyu was capable of loosing arrows with incredible accuracy and power over a long range. They were treasured weapons, and ideally each was custom made for its archer. The construction of the bow was asymmetrical, with the upper limb being longer and thinner than the heavier, stouter lower limb. Their construction enabled them to be used by mounted troops, as the lower limb would not interfere with the horse. [3]

Shinjo Horsebowmen Edit



The Shinjo Horsebowmen school taught yomanri, [4] which favored the Dai-kyu as weapon. [5] The Unicorn archer put a ring on his thumb designed to protect the finger from the friction of the string. He grasped the bowstring and arrow between the thumb and the forefinger which let them to sustain the hold for a long period of time. [1]

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