The Firemen of Daikoku's Garden were one of the kajinin of Ryoko Owari. They protected the central stretch of the Merchant Quarter. [1] They had their headquarter in the Daikoku's Garden. [2]

Behaviour Edit

They were violent when required, but they were also honorable, generous and genial with those who did not interfere with them. They were corrupted, but in a low level, and always for a greater good. [3] The did not have the flashy uniforms or gaudy decorations other firemen gangs had. [4]

Organization Edit

The Daikoku's Garden Firemen operated on a model daimyo-samurai-peasant hierarchy. The leader was the daimyo, the firemen the samurai, and the merchants were the peasants, who had to pay for their protection. [4]

Known Leaders Edit


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