Daikoku was the Fortune of Wealth and one of the Seven Fortunes. [1] [2] He was the patron of merchant and farmers. [3]

Appearence Edit

The Fortune of Wealth toyed with a small hammer as a curious little rat ran about by his feet. The rat devoured the rice Daikoku spilled everywhere he went, and Daikoku used the magical hammer to grant wishes for those who display cleverness. [4] He was always represented with a permanent smile [5] in his blissful aspect, which was widely represented in the gambling houses. His wrathful aspect showed him with a sword in each hand, his face twisted into an angry grimace, his mouth very wide and full of fire. [6]

Blessing and Curses Edit

Daikoku was the most mischievous Fortune, and often traveled the Empire in disguise to sate his curiosity regarding mortals. Daikoku was slow to anger. Those who angered him could find their life's work reduced to nothing in an instant, their fields turned barren and their valuable possessions crumbled to dust. [3] He favored the Unicorn Clan above all others, but also frequently bestowed his blessings upon the Crane and Mantis as well. [7]

Celestial Unrest Edit

In 1170 the seven fortunes supported the Jade Dragon and Obsidian Dragon when they challenged and defeated Yakamo, Lord Sun, and Hitomi, Lady Moon. [8]

Togashi ascends Edit

The Kami Togashi was a lawbreaker of the Celestial Order, a mortal whose soul remained in Ningen-do avoiding death. It drew the attention of the Seven Fortunes who judged his interaction illegal. Togashi eventually accepted their judgment and ascended to Tengoku. [9]

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