Daigotsu Yuhmi 
Daigotsu Yuhmi 
Born: Unknown 
Parents: Yuhmi no Oni

Daigotsu Yuhmi was a tainted bushi and infiltrator of the Spider Clan spawned from Yuhmi no Oni.

Birth: spawning from an Oni Edit

The creature known as Daigotsu Yuhmi was released as the single spawn of Yuhmi no Oni, which in turn was a creation of Omoni crafted from Daigotsu's severed arm. Daigotsu Yuhmi appeared completely human in every way, and wore a mempo that closely resembled the armor covering Yuhmi no Oni's face. He was an incredibly gifted warrior, possessing strength and speed beyond the limits of the merely human. [1] He used to kill his victims after Yuhmi severed one of their arms. [2]

Leaving Shinomen Edit

Daigotsu Yuhmi 1

Daigotsu Yuhmi

In 1170 shortly after the burning of the Shinomen Forest by orders of Daigotsu, Yuhmi joined the monk Tetsuo in escorting a group of ashigaru out of the forest. The group was intercepted by a group of Lion samurai commanded by Matsu Benika in the Seven Day Battle Plain. In the short battle that followed, Lion were able to kill all the ashigaru, but Yuhmi managed to kill three of them by himself. As there was no reason to continue the fight, Tetsuo commanded Yuhmi to leave. The two moved with inhuman speed, and Benika's new senses could tell her that perhaps Yuhmi was holding himself back for the monk's sake. [3]

Killing Destroyers Edit

In 1171 Yuhmi was alongside Michio and Daigotsu Eiya in the Twilight Mountains, looking from safety the attack of the Destroyers to the Crab, Unicorn and Lion forces during the Destroyer War. From time to time Destroyers left the ranks and wandered in the areas nearby, without apparent motivation. Michio and his companions killed three of them who arrived near their outlook position. [4]

Rise of Jigoku Edit

Daigotsu Yuhmi 2

Yuhmi severing an arm

In 1200 Yuhmi returned to the Spider Clan, becoming part of the army who attacked and destroyed the Rokugani defenders of the Temple of the First Seal, killing the Master of Earth Isawa Norimichi during the Battle of the First Seal. [5] The renegade Spider monk Tetsuo confronted Yuhmi in order to gain time for the Rokugani to escape. [6]

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