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Daigotsu Taki 
Daigotsu Taki 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1133 
Died after return:
Titles: Mirumoto school Niten Sensei,
Temple of the Forsaken Sensei

Mirumoto Taki was a bushi of the Dragon Clan and a magistrate stationed on Nanashi Mura during the Clan War. He was corrupted during the Battle of Oblivion's Gate and joined the Lost. Under the command of the Dark Lord became Daigotsu Taki.

Kenjutsu Master Edit

Prior to the Clan War, Taki had spent twenty of his twenty-five years studying the Niten style of kenjutsu. He perfected his craft in the Mirumoto school, earning the position of sensei after Taki defeated the school's teacher. [1]

Nanashi Mura Edit

Mirumoto Taki 1

Mirumoto Taki

In 1123 Taki was appointed as the magistrate of Nanashi Mura, [2] living in the Magistrate's Manor, accompanied by 20 Mirumoto bushi. [3] Taki became very fond of the ronin there, and was a close friend of its governor, Takuan. [2]

Toturi's Army Edit

During the Clan War Taki joined the Toturi's Army, as his friend Takuan did. The Dragon Clan Champion Togashi Yokuni had called for the Black Lion Toturi went out. Toturi was thankful for Taki's keen mind and fearsome skill time and again. [2]

Hitomi Edit

Taki was a loyal follower of Hitomi, but was not gifted with the tattooed enlightement. [4] Hitomi commanded Taki to kill her grandfather Togashi Gaijutsu. Taki followed her orders but with great sorrow. [5]

Siege of Sleeping Mountain Edit

Bujun was beside his Lady when the Naga army threatened Kyuden Hitomi. Hitomi Kobai had returned from the Imperial Court and confirmed the Imperial Legions would fight against the naga. Hitomi knew her battle was no longer in the Mortal Realm, but she would not leave her fellows in their final hour in the Siege of Sleeping Mountain. [6]

War Against the Shadow Edit

Fighting the Shadows Edit

In 1132 Taki was part of the Empire forces who joined the Kami Shinjo in the Assault on Otosan Uchi. [7] He wielded the Sword of the Sun in the battle, but Taki did not reach the final battle in the Imperial Throne room. [8]

Race to Volturnum Edit

Mirumoto Taki

Mirumoto Taki

Before his corruption, he made an oath to his fellow soldiers that none of them would ever be corrupted. During the race to Volturnum he made sure that every soldier in his unit that fell was burned or decapitated to prevent them from becoming undead. After his corruption, he still tried to honor his oath, quickly killing any Rokugani he met that was corrupted by the Taint but allowing those untainted to escape back to Rokugan. [9] Believed killed, he was actually corrupted and joined the Lost. [10]

Sensei to the Lost Edit

Once a hero of the Empire, Taki became the sensei of the Temple of the Forsaken, Daigotsu Taki. Any member of Daigotsu's legion had the right to assume the position as master sensei, and all that was required of them was to kill the individual currently holding the title. Taki held the position for over a decade, and had not been challenged for over half that time. The fate of the last who did was so gruesome that none dared oppose him after. [11]

Taint Edit

Over the years the taint wracked Taki's body, and in exchange for his humanity he was given power undreamed of by mortal men. He no longer had need for his weapons, although he would still practice with them to remain strong. His human form grew less and less recognizable with each passing year while his dark urges increased. [11]

Kakita Eiya Edit

Taki trained an untainted duelist member of the Kakita, who later was tainted [12] and joined the Dark Lord as Daigotsu Eiya, [13] and trained the first Daigotsu to be born in the City of the Lost, Daigotsu Toshimo. [14]

Posthumous Legacy Edit

After his death, the infamous Taki was nicknamed the "Black Dragon". His blades were apparently recovered and named after him. [15]

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