Daigotsu Satsujin 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Un-named Crab ronin 
Titles: Cursed Blade Master Sensei

Ryunnoske was a ronin who joined Daigotsu's ranks as Daigotsu Satsujin. He became a duelist and Master Sensei of the Cursed Blade Dojo.

Ronin Edit

Ryunnoske bore a special grudge against the Crab Clan, wwhich had cast out his father. He joined a Bloodspeaker cell serving as a guard, but he never learned any maho himself. The cell was dissolved to avoid detection by the Kuni Witch Hunters, and Ryunnoske marched south to the Shadowlands. [1]

Lost Edit

Ryunnoske reached the City of the Lost, and was quickly admitted in the Cursed Blade Dojo. He took a special interest in the art of the duel, advancing in the ranks of the Lost killing many of his fellow students throught iaijutsu duels to death. Ryunnoske was admitted to the prestigious Champion of the Lost school for further training. He eventually was allowed to swear fealty to the Daigotsu family as Daigotsu Satsujin. [1]

Sensei Edit

In time, Satsujin advanced to sensei of the Cursed Blade, and later as its Grand Master, using the dojo as his personal base of power. [1]

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